Bold & the Beautiful Episode Recap, Monday, February 4, 2008

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Katherine Kelly Lang & Jack Wagner ( Brooke Logan & Nick Marrone)Taylor begs Brooke to marry Ridge right there in her and Nick’s home but Brooke resists. Brooke wants to speak with Nick alone only upsetting Taylor further. Taylor gives in and allows Brooke to speak with Nick. They agree that Taylor’s request, and intentions, is insane.

While Brooke and Nick are out of the room talking, Ridge sees exactly how troubled Taylor is, and how much she is struggling with trying to keep her life together.

Brooke returns to tell Taylor exactly what she thinks of the idea to marry on Taylor’s terms. Taylor goes off -- yelling in Brooke’s face, about all the times before she came between Taylor and Ridge, now that she is trying to help her marry Ridge, Brooke has the nerve to say it is preposterous.

Emotionally raw, Taylor grabs a glass of wine off the table claiming she is going to toast Ridge and Brooke. Everyone holds their breathe expecting Taylor to take a drink. Taylor turns slamming the glass of wine into the wall telling Brooke and Ridge to go home, the party is over.

Across town, Stephanie’s quiet evening is interrupted by Jackie, of all people. Jackie barges in breaking the news about Brooke being Jack’s biological mother, in hopes of gaining an ally in breaking Nick and Taylor up, so Brooke and Nick can finally be together.

Surprisingly, Stephanie isn’t as welcoming to Jackie’s proposal as would be expected. Jackie persists, even when Bridget arrives, she tries to enlist Bridget in the plan as well. Bridget warns Jackie to let it go and stay out of the entire situation. Jackie does not heed the warning.

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