Bold & the Beautiful Episode Recap, Monday, April 7, 2008

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Jack Wagner (Nick Marrone, Bold & the Beautiful) 

Blonde verses Brunette, biological verses legal mother, control freak verses the woman who just wants to be left alone to be happy with herself and her son. Yes, you know who I am talking about, Brooke verses Taylor.

Last we left the feuding women, Brooke placed herself between Taylor and Nick and Jack, refusing to allow Taylor to remove Jack from Nick’s home. The women argue on. Taylor begs Nick to do the right thing and tell Brooke to stay our of their business and most importantly keep his word and allow her to take Jack for the night. Nick is hesitant to upset either woman, but Rick steps through the door surprising all. With all due respect to Nick, Rick does plead Taylor’s case and point out Nick is a better man than to hurt Taylor, and doubt the good heart and woman she is. Brooke loses control lashing out at all. Nick sees Rick’s point and allows Taylor to leave with Jack.

Brooke cannot believe he went against her wishes and tries to pick a fight as if she has some kind of stake in the matter. Nick is sick of hearing it all, and being jerked around on Brooke’s little puppet strings at her whim. Nick tells her she has no say in how he raises his son or his life.

She had her chance he begged her to make a life and family with him and Jack, but she turned her back on that kind of life.

Taylor, Rick, and Jack return to her house, she is happy for once in a long time. Taylor knows she owes all her happiness to Rick. Taylor kisses him to show her gratitude, not wanting to give him up or what they have. Rick promises a long term commitment to her, through the good, and the bad.

Phoebe decides she had better go talk to Ashley now that she is planning on moving forward with Rick. Ashley is tightlipped about the romance blossoming between the teenager’s mother and first love. Ashley is friendly and listens with a smile on her face as Phoebe carries on about how much she loves Rick and what they will have. In exchange for Ashley’s kindness, Phoebe gives Ashley hope for a possible future with Ridge, telling her he was happiest when they were together. Now he is always dealing with Brooke’s constant drama and problems.

Bridget pops in on Ridge, who is over stressed by work, Brooke, and her family. Bridget cuts to the chase. She wants to know why Ridge and Brooke have not gotten married. Ridge is honest and open, telling Bridget the reason is Nick and Jack; and Brooke getting closer and closer to a relationship with Nick. Ridge warns Bridget not to get too close to Nick, or count on a future because Nick and Brooke will hurt her, again.

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