Bold & the Beautiful Episode Recap, Friday, February 15, 2008

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Susan Flannery (Stephanie Forrester, Bold & the Beautiful) 

Stephanie is certain she knows that Donna and Eric are still seeing each other. Ridge tries to play devil’s advocate, but a call from a PI confirms Stephanie’s suspicions. The private detective gives Stephanie the address he followed Eric to. Stephanie storms out of the house to confront the lovers.

Eric and Donna are startled by the banging on the door and Stephanie yelling, demanding Eric to come out. Eric jets out the bathroom window in the nude. Donna answers the door denying Eric is there. Stephanie is ranting about the consequences they both will pay, especially Storm. Donna tries to prevent hurricane Stephanie from searching every little corner of the apartment, but Stephanie pushes Donna’s boney little body aside to continue her search.

Stephanie tries to open the window that Eric escaped out, it appears to be stuck. Will Stephanie catch Eric and Donna red handed or have they pulled the wool over her eyes one more time?

Brooke wants to give in and make love to Nick, however she manages to resist her desires and stick to her decision to marry Ridge. Katie is glad to hear that Brooke didn’t succumb to her feelings for Nick. Brooke explains she is still worried for Nick and Jack. Katie assures Brooke that Nick and Jack will be taken care of, just not by Brooke.

Bridget pops in on Nick who is glad to see her, he has his hands full with Jack. Bridget spends some time with Jack playing with the baby . When Jack goes down for a nap Bridget asks how Nick’s visit with Brooke went. He tells of kissing Brooke and begging her to be a family with him and their baby. This isn’t quite what Bridget wanted to hear.

Can Bridget tell Nick the truth? If she does how will he respond? Who should Nick be with : Brooke, Taylor, Bridget, or none of the above?

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