Bold & the Beautiful Episode Recap, Friday, April 4, 2008

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Hunter Tylo (Taylor Hayes-Marrone, Bold & the Beautiful) 

Ridge and Storm’s disagreement continues over Storm’s future employment. Storm doesn’t feel he has to answer to Ridge, but Ridge thinks Storm should only answer to him. They move their argument into the lab where things turn more heated. As Ridge insists that Storm is a loser and loose cannon Storm can’t take it anymore and takes a swing at Ridge. Ridge defends himself by blocking the swing and pinning Storm to the floor, warning, he had better clear out and stay out now.

Later Storm, asks Ashley on a real dinner date tomorrow night and she agrees.

Rick encourages Taylor to contact Nick and ask if she can have Jack over night. Nick surprisingly agrees feeling Taylor has gotten herself together. Before Taylor can get to the house to pick Jack up Brooke intervenes ordering Nick not to let Taylor leave the house with Jack. Before tackling that issue Brooke also demands Nick stop seeing Bridget because it disgusts her. Nick laughs off Brooke’s feelings, telling her in not so many words, it is none of her business because she had her chance first, and chose to stay with Ridge.

When Taylor arrives Brooke physically stands in Taylor’s way refusing to allow her to take Jack. Nick is stuck in the middle as Taylor and Brooke test each other’s will and power over Nick and Jack. Taylor cannot believe Brooke has the nerve to use her relationship with Rick against Taylor, after Brooke’s very sorted past with her daughter’s husbands, and male relatives of her own husbands.

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