Bold and the Beautiful Sneak Peeks Week of 2-14-11

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Adam Gregory (Thomas, B&B)It's love in the afternoon on the Bold and the Beautiful this week especially as Thomas has his eye on Dayzee and continues to pursue her. Thing is she is a tad bit suspicious about his true intentions and grills Thomas about why his is suddenly after her so aggressively. Does he have an ulterior motive, or is it truly just love in the afternoon?

At the same time, Amber gets the results of the paternity test. Sacré bleu! When the truth comes out, insurmountable havoc ensues. Yes, that is correct. We said "insurmountable havoc." Later, feeling as though Tawny has put her in a position that she can't get out of, Amber sends her mother packing. Will Tawny go quietly? One thing is certain. When Amber doesn't abide with Bill's attempt to compromise, he threatens that she will regret ever having tangled with his family. If Bill is a man of his promises, Amber could be in more than just a bit of hot water. Will she be able to get herself out of it before it is too late? Could complying with Bill's plan be her only option? Then, as if Bill making Amber's life a living hell wasn't bad enough, Brooke pays an unexpected visit to Amber and leaves her with a stern warning. Will Amber heed Brooke's words?

In the meantime, as Amber deals with her situation, Hope is surprised to find a friend in her former nemesis and fresh-from-Paris, Steffy. Why is Steffy turning the other cheek? Keep your remote glued to the Bold and the Beautiful this week and find out.