Bold and the Beautiful Sneak Peeks Week of 12-13-10

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Winsor Harmon (Thorne, B&B)First up, watch for Thorne and Justin to make appearances in LA this week, along with Jake, Jarrett, Summer and Hillary. Why is everyone back in town? Regardless, the action soon turns to Whip who implements a scheme to exact revenge against Ridge. Will his plan go off without a hitch?

At the same time, we learn why Justin's around. It is because he and Donna reconnect while sharing time with Marcus. It's then back to Ridge who is appalled when he sees what Brooke and Thomas are hiding from him. Will they be able to talk their way out of this one? Either way, not only is Ridge appalled, but Taylor also gets livid when she learns about Brooke and Thomas' recent escapade. Not one to stand idly by while things around her spin out of control, will Taylor take her anger out on Brooke?

Meanwhile, Hope becomes concerned when she sees Liam being placed on a pedestal at Spencer Publications. Why is this giving her cause for worry? Is Liam not worthy? Shortly thereafter, Liam strongly objects when Hope suggests his father is behind the latest scandal involving her mother. But is Hope correct? Keep your remote glued to the Bold and the Beautiful this week and see.