Bold and the Beautiful Sneak Peeks Week 2-27-12

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Jacob Young (Rick, The Bold and the Beautiful) (c) Kathy HutchinsIt's not quite spring time, when a young man's fancy turns to love, but that's not stopping Rick this week as he gets romantic with someone. But is it Amber? Nope. In fact, she comes upon Rick mid lip lock with another woman and can't help but seethe. Will she confront Rick?

At the same time, Bridget and Owen deliver startling news to Brooke and Eric. What tidings do they impart? More importantly, what will Brooke and Eric do with this newfound, albeit, surprising info? One thing is certain...

Before mid week, Eric cautions Owen that he may not get what he wants. Will Owen take Eric's words seriously? Either way, Owen is in for some loving when he and Jackie celebrate a passionate reunion.

Meanwhile, Hope finds herself in need of guidance and turns to Katie. Does Katie tell Hope what she wants to hear, or is Hope startled by what Katie has to say? Here's what we were able to find out. Hope makes a drastic decision about her relationship with Liam. Will she choose wisely? Find out when you tune in to The Bold and the Beautiful this week.