Bold and the Beautiful Sneak Peeks Week 11-7-11

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Scott Clifton (Liam, Bold and the Beautiful)You know what they say. What goes around, comes around and this week Steffy is about to be on the “comes around” side of things.  As the week kicks off, she is forced to face the consequences of her actions.  Who calls her on the carpet?

Meanwhile, Hope is made aware that she has a new ally and romantic suitor.  How will Liam fit into that?  Either way, it turns out that he is torn when it comes to matters of love.  He searches his heart for answers. Will he find them?  We can’t spill all the beans, but we are at liberty to share this:

By mid week, Liam is hopeful for some understanding and makes an unforeseen and stunning admission. What does he reveal, and with whom does he share it?

At the same time, Amber delivers an unexpected proposition to Rick.  What does Amber suggest?  More importantly, will Rick take the bait?

As the week wraps up, watch for a Veteran’s Day celebration at Dayzee’s Café where 20-real life war veterans are serenaded by country western crooner, Beau Davidson.  Will there be any surprises at the celebration? One way to find out. Tune in to the Bold and the Beautiful this week.