Bold & the Beautiful: Bold Print, Week of May 26, 2008

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Donna tries to fess up, poor attempt at mutiny at Forrester

Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan, Bold & the Beautiful) 

Welcome Soapdom viewers and Bold & the Beautiful fans! This is my first article of this sort for Bold & the Beautiful and Soapdom and I am very excited to share my thoughts and feelings for you in a very real format. I hope you enjoy this article and many other to come each week here at

Donna spent all week trying to tell Eric about Marcus, while her hubby was shouting from the rooftop of Forrester Creations that Donna would never bring shame on the family. I’m guessing B&B is saving the fact that Marcus is black for that moment when Donna’s shame comes back to bite Eric in the butt. Not that his race is a shame, but Donna is as white as they come with the exception of the fake bake tan, so I think it would be appropriately acknowledged that he is black. What a shock that had to be for him to arrive in LA and find his mom is a Barbie doll look-alike, when all he ever had to go on was her first and last name and his skin tone never indicated a possible inter-racial parentage.

Donna keeps losing Marcus, who continually “happens” to pop up right when she needs to speak with him. Marcus made a plane reservation via cell phone to get him to LA. I guess he left his cell phone in the Lone Star State, because he’s been utilizing pay phones to make contact with mommy.

Too bad he forgot the cell, because Pammy used caller ID to track Marcus down at Insomnia to accuse him of having an affair with Donna. Marcus got Pam’s number from the get go, recognizing she is touched in the head or simply put…. Crazy.

Hopefully Donna will convince Marcus to stay and now that Eric walked in on them deep in conversation the truth will come out. Donna decides to go with the just rip the band-aid off quickly theory, when she blurts out the truth in front of Eric and Marcus.

Watching Donna attempt to cry and be a forlorn mother, and Eric obsessively trying to convince his grown children that Donna is as pure as the driven snow, is just painful.

Speaking of Eric’s grown children. I guess they watched Pirates of the Caribbean in their feetie pajamas during a sleepover because they’re attempt at a mutiny is on the level of spoiled, over indulged, children. These are 40 plus year old adults and they are behaving more childish than their own children that are young, and certainly no stranger to multiple divorces thanks to their dysfunctional parents. The week has been filled with secret meetings (that they never close the door for, so Eric always interrupts) to discuss forcing Eric out of the company based on something Donna may do in the future.

In addition to dealing with his father’s love life, Ridge finds he gets a heaping helping of problems from the women in his life. Phoebe is home from Australia and walked in on Rick and Taylor making out in Taylor’s bed. Phoebe runs to daddy’s office, but finds Brooke instead of Ridge. Brooke makes Phoebe’s pain about her. A later visit from Taylor, then Rick, turns into a full blown Brooke-fest. No one’s feelings, thoughts, or actions matters next to what Brooke wants…. Or rather wants to believe. She borders on obsession, taking her typical self-absorbed needs to a new extreme. Brooke’s me,me,me attitude gets her no where.

Phoebe comes to terms with Rick and Taylor’s love, giving them her blessing. Taylor gives Rick a little more than a blessing, if you know what I mean, after hearing the news that Phoebe is okay with the relationship. Brooke turns to Ridge claiming Taylor is only making love to Rick to spite her. UHHHH? I guess the fact that Rick is a hottie has nothing to do with Taylor’s passion for her boy toy, or should I say fiancé.

Rick immediately turned to Taylor and asked her to marry him, slipping the engagement ring on her finger, after Phoebe gave them the green light for love. The marriage proposal and Taylor accepting was all about Brooke too, just in case you were wondering.

More Phoebe news! Looks like Marcus has made a friend in LA, and it happens to be the step-granddaughter to his mother. If Rick and Taylor marry, and Phoebe and Marcus get together they will be related by marriage. I tried to put the titles on it for you in my mind, but it is somewhere between step-niece/cousin/great uncle. If you can nail down the exact connections please post it in the comment log below.

Taylor may be out of control running around with Rick and fighting with Brooke after winning partial custody of Jack, whom she has ignored since the custody hearing; but Nick seems to be settled into his life fine and dandy, at least until Friday. Nick is enjoying playing host and nurse to Katie who is healing remarkably well, so it appears. She is already up and driving, and investigating Donna’s past, while carrying a flame for Nick and helping with the baby. I’m impressed at her immune system. Olivia on Guiding Light a fellow CBS soap had her heart transplant weeks maybe months before Katie, and she is still requiring help, medicine, and multiple doctor’s check-ups and experiencing difficulties and wearing bandages.

Katie’s new friend Stephanie checks up on her Thursday and starts a fight trying to get to the heart of what is going on in the Marrone household. Who does Nick belong with. Bridget? Katie? My vote is Katie. She and Nick go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Bridget is flittering around playing house so the sparks between Katie and Nick go unseen, but how long can Nick and Katie keep their growing feelings hidden when tragedy strikes again. Friday in the middle of Katie’s birthday party she passes out after Bridget learns Katie’s body is rejecting Storms heart.