Bold & the Beautiful: Bold Print, Week of June 30, 2008

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New set adds new dramas and new characters continue to emerge.

Ridge Forrester & Brooke Logan (Ronn Moss & Katherine Kelly Lang, Bold & the Beautiful) 

This show never fails to amuse me. The new rooftop set is the latest. All Forrester business is going to be held on this fenced in rooftop. They’ve even brought in a little two person bistro table. What makes this new set so comical is the size. It’s only about the size of four parking spots across, but super secret conversations go on and the people on one side can’t hear (supposedly) what the people just a few feet away are talking about. I know if it were me personally, I would not carry on with my personal business on that roof, when there are multiple offices in the building to provide more privacy. Especially, if I had the kind of personal business these characters seem to always have going on.

Not much goings on this week, just a lot of the same. Brooke can’t mind her own business when it comes to matters of the heart. In her current situation Brooke should concentrate on her own matters that don’t seem very “destined” to be right now. When was the last time we saw Brooke and Ridge together in a real scene? The first to come to mind was during one of the meetings of the minds to get Donna out of the company, and that was weeks ago. Shouldn’t Brooke be at home at least trying to scold Ridge for coming forward to Eric about Marcus without even attempting to give Brooke a heads up. I would be pretty hot over that if my fiancé went behind my back to hurt my family.

On to Marcus early in the week he is starting to get a big head thinking of himself as a celebrity of sorts because a few shipping clerks know he is Donna’s son. When he is visited by what looks to be a dark character ready to cash in on Marcus’ good fortune, Marcus seems to humble himself. Owen doesn’t make his presence and connection to Marcus a secret but I am left to wonder…. Could Owen really be Donna’s son? He seems too vested in Donna for her to simply be a job for him.

This character will be around for a while so that means there must be a romantic interest in his future. Owen caught Felicia’s eye when she and Ashley chatted about the reality of Marcus being Donna’s son, on the rooftop of course. Maybe the deeper connection to Donna for Owen is in the sexual nature? OR and this is a big or….. The love triangle I predicted when Marcus came onto the scene could be between Marcus, Owen, and Steffy; rather than Marcus, Steffy, and Phoebe. There are a lot of possibilities for these new characters and a couple of regulars. I’ll be interested to see how their love lives play out.

I’m not happy to see Beth stick around LA. This show just doesn’t do medical drama well and feel viewers have had their fill for this year. I’ve been a Patrick Duffy fan since Dallas, so I like it when he is on the show. I still maintain, and will as long as Stephen is in the picture, I want Stephen and Pam to fall in love. It would be perfect. A little drama and a little comedy.

Honestly, this show reminds me of a store that is going out of business. The inventory gets worse and worse as the markdowns get higher. The shelves are practically empty but customers keep coming in with hopes of finding just the right deal. I am one of those customers. I have yet to find that special deal (in recent times) I am looking for, but I always come back hoping. I may talk smack about B&B but I love it! I love the show, the characters; and I will be a true fan until the end.