Bold & the Beautiful: Bold Print, Week of June 23, 2008

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Donna comes clean and Beth turns away from her family.

John McCook (Eric Forrester, Bold & the Beautiful) 

Once again, a parent glances into the Logan’s life and they go gah-gah. It’s sickening, the childish coping Brooke, Donna, and Katie have put themselves through this past year over their parents. For years they have gone without parents in their lives, and not a mention of hurt or regret over the absence of whichever parent they are wanting at the moment. But suddenly grown women, who have grown kids, can’t live without their dysfunctional parents who aren’t worth two figs put together. The show, and the Logan’s, really need to move past what’s done. Maybe considering all they have been through, they should focus on the positive; and if they have to dwell on the negative the entire family has been given more than enough things to worry about that takes precedent over mom and dad’s shortcomings.

Storm is dead, Brooke survived a traumatic rape, Katie a shooting and heart transplant, and Donna had to endure Pam’s stalking. My point being Beth’s issues and behavior, that is stupid to begin with, and Stephen’s pathetic chasing after his girls as an after thought is not worth watching, no less devoting entire episodes to this family saga. Logan family interaction makes the Forrester’s look stable, normal, and mature.

I know what you are thinking if you watched Ridge’s childish rant this past week trying to uncover Marcus’ past. I concede the above statement may have been said in haste, but I stand by the silliness of the Logan’s’. It makes Ridge and his brothers and father swapping Brooke in the bed look entertaining.

By mid-week Ridge began reminding me of Dr. Evil as he was declaring Donna had to go down. Had he been wearing a light grey suit, stroking a hairless cat and demanding 1 million dollars with his pinky to the corner of his mouth, I would not have been surprised.

Ridge, Thorne, and Felicia have focused all their time and attention on getting Donna out of the company because it is so close to going under. Hey guys, try working! Instead of devoting all your energy to something that makes no difference in business what so ever, get some work done! Had they put as much effort into working as they have meddling in their father’s business, personally for the sake of professionally, then most likely a well established company such as Forrester Creations would not be in dire straits.

It still amuses me each time Ridge blames Donna for the decline in sales. Ridge, watch the news once in a while. People are loosing their homes, a tank of gas costs three and four times more than it did two years ago, and severe deadly, weather and natural disasters are striking without warning all over the country destroying and taking lives. Americans have a little more to deal with currently than buying designer gowns.

Aside from the trials this country is experiencing, even in good times I just find it very hard to believe Donna could single-handedly bring down an international company that is 30 plus years old. If so, then more power to her. I would cut a wide path around Donna if she had those kinds of capabilities.

Steffy may be the studious twin but Phoebe’s observation on Monday was profound (I’m being sarcastic) “…she must have had him a really long time ago…” referring to the age difference between Donna and Marcus. Ya think Phoebs? No wonder Steffy has no respect for her twin sister. I love the sibling rivalry. There really isn’t much rivalry, yet, but he disdain they feel for each other is looking to be some pretty decent dialogue. I’m in favor of the show giving us more of Phoebe and Steffy pitted against the other.

One good thing that came of this week on Bold & the Beautiful is the secret of who Marcus is has come out in full. Everyone knows and it won’t be long before Jared is reporting on it. I thought the summer would be endless awkward moments of close calls before the truth came out. It would have tickled me to see Eric turn to Marcus and throw his arms around him and welcome him to the family considering how hateful Ridge was acting. The true welcoming wasn’t as cheesy as I felt Ridge, Felicia, and Thorne deserved, but close enough. Eric looked troubled, but sided with his wife and new step-son over his vindictive children.