Bold & the Beautiful: Bold Print, Week of June 2, 2008

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Steffy returns, Marcus identity stays a secret -- for now

Lesli Kay (Felicia Forrester, Bold & the Beautiful)The week kicked off with an explosive reaction from Eric when Donna reveals Marcus is her son, but the scene turns out to be “Donna’s fantasy of worst-case-scenario” if she were to tell Eric now. Complete waste of film. I would have rather the reaction be real, or not take place at all. Donna got Marcus a job at Forrester Creations keeping their true relationship a secret, though Pam knows something is up. The job is to give the Forrester children and Eric, a chance to get to know Marcus. Looks more like the potential for a good youth , summer love triangle storyline.

Stephanie, the smart and down-to-earth twin to Phoebe is back. Rather than take a front and center role in the company, Stephie finds herself more at home in the shipping department like Uncle Thorne. Low and behold, guess where Marcus is working? Yep! The shipping department. Marcus and Stephanie hit it off right away. Keep in mind Marcus and Phoebe have already made contact, as referenced in last week’s column.

Stephy makes no secret she believes her twin to be shallow and dim-witted. This is certain to be a love triangle with good potential. The question is who will Marcus really love, and which twin will be the scorned sister? Who would you like to see Marcus fall in love with? Phoebe? Stephie? Or someone he is not yet in introduced to? Personally, I am looking forward to seeing this play out and take focus off Marcus’ paternity; but I think maybe another May/December romance would be just what Felicia and the show needs. Yes, my preference for Marcus would be Felicia Forrester. If Donna thought she had it bad when Felicia spoke out against the marriage to Eric, falling in love with Donna’s son may be too much for the bombshell.

B&B is wasting a superb talent in Lesli Kay (Felicia’s portrayer). Felicia and Stephanie --  two exciting characters -- are boring now. I dread seeing them have dialogue, because it is the same old thing with no effect on any storyline. I say kick it up or keep them off screen.

Brooke needs to return to living a life of fear under Stephanie’s over bearing thumb. Brooke is just out of control with self-pity and absorption, she wasn’t this intolerable and silly when she lived in fear of Stephanie’s wrath. If Susan Flannery is not up to the Brooke/Stephanie battles due to personal illness off screen; Felicia would be perfect to step in and fill her momma’s shoes. Again, I am a huge Kay fan. I loved her on ATWT and was so excited to learn she was coming to B&B. As a fan, I feel the powers that be have dropped the ball with this character and actress.

Doesn’t Marcus’ family wonder where he is? He just moves to LA after jumping on a plane suddenly and no one from his past is curious as to his whereabouts? Not to mention personal belongings and clothing? Did he pack in a matter of minutes his entire wardrobe? No matter where I go on vacation I always forget at least one thing.

The Logan’s and Nick are focusing all their attention on Katie making the last moments of her life as pleasant as possible. Nothing Earth shattering or noteworthy really happened with the exception of Capt. Nick taking her for a sea cruise on the Shady Marlin. I was holding my breathe fully expecting him to break out an eye patch and treasure map, determined to turn the channel if he did. Thank goodness for us as viewers and Katie he didn’t.

Katie made the decision to die peacefully and not return to the hospital or a strict medicine regimen. Not much to say about that other than I don’t mind Katie and watching her suffer through, but Brooke and Bridget’s concern and coping is nauseating. I can’t wait for the day Nick dumps them both for Katie, whom I feel will survive after a summer of struggling to live for love.