Bold & the Beautiful: Bold Print, Week of June 16, 2008

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Steffy learns Marcus and Donna's secret, while Ridge & Brooke vow nothing will come between them.

Texas Battle (Marcus, Bold & the Beautiful) 

Last week we left off with Ridge trying to plan an elaborate plot to uncover the connection between Donna and Marcus. Good thing Ridge has little sis to keep things simple for him. Felicia snatches Marcus’ back pack to search for something that will explain why Donna wanted him so desperately to work at Forrester. When the initial search turns up zilch Felicia order Steffy to pack up the bag and return it. Steffy being the studious Forrester thinks to look in another pocket. Low and behold Marcus is toting his birth certificate around in his back pack. Of course Marcus happens to walk into Ridge’s office, because I know shipping clerks always roam the executive halls of international companies right?

Steffy’s discovery was boring. She found it, she yelled at first, but Marcus spilled his guts explaining Donna’s reasoning so, Steffy agrees to keep quiet. I’m glad someone learned the truth sooner than later.

I wish the show would move onto Marcus’ love life.

Donna is so concerned with Marcus being accepted by her family, instead of selling them on him maybe she needs to tell Marcus about his Auntie Brooke. If Marcus knew his step-brothers and sisters were his cousins, he’d be on the first flight back to Texas to forget about the bloodline he comes from.

Brooke made Ridge promise no matter what the future holds for Eric and Donna it will not affect their love. UH-OH! You know what that means? Trouble is not too far off for Ridge and Brooke. Who do you think will cheat first? Brooke? Ridge? And who with? Please, no matter what happens good, bad, or indifferent don’t send Brooke back to Nick‘s bed.

Bridget’s attachment to Jack is beginning to look a little disturbing. She acts like, and thinks she is his mom. Just like she moved into Nick’s house, only because Katie put Nick on the spot, and assumed she and Nick were a serious item again. Her obsession with Nick and his family will be her undoing when he dumps her for Katie. I’m hoping for a nervous breakdown, that I feel has been building for years. Somewhere in the mix I still believe the true biological mother of Jack is Bridget not Brooke. If you remember correctly the only DNA strain Bridget checked was the maternal strain which would have been a match to her as well. She did make mention in the haste that it wasn’t a complete match, but close enough.

What happened to Jackie’s new fashion house that was going to rival Forrester? There was this big decision to buy Spectra then they did nothing with it. I was hoping for a Jackie and Clarke match-up. It would have been quirky and cute, the pair would have added some intentional comedy rather than the laughs we get that are supposed to be drama.