Bold & the Beautiful, Bold Print, Week of July 7, 2008

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Wedding bells ring,again for Nick and Bridget but who will pronounce them man and wife?

Jack Wagner & Ashley Jones (Nick marrone & Bridget Forrester) 

I apologize for the late publication of Bold Print for the week of July 7, 2008. I hope everyone had a safe and fun Independence Day. I had company from out of town causing my delay of this article.

Due to my preoccupation with my house guest I must have missed something. Last week Nick proposed, because the time was right for he and Bridget to move forward with their lives together. This week suddenly I tune in and they are getting married the next day. What was the rush?

Had this been any other show I would have assumed there was a reason, but B&B does seem to act irrationally when it comes to throwing a wedding together. At least this one didn’t take place in the Forrester living room.

Earlier in the week I began to notice the absence of Taylor and Rick. For weeks we watched Brooke fight to keep them apart while they fought to be together, then bam, they just drop the storyline. Why go to all the trouble if the relationship is going to play out off screen. I did notice they arrived at the wedding which was good but uneventful for the most part. Taylor looked horrible, but I liked seeing her and Brooke snub each other without words.

Brooke is the world’s worst mom! When it suited her, Rick was a great concern, much like his childhood, then she gets distracted by something that puts her more in the center of the spotlight, and Rick is forgotten, again. The only positive for Brooke this week was I loved the dress she wore to Bridget’s wedding.

I was amused when Taylor told Brooke she had been invited so she could bring Jack, yet she walked in on Rick’s arm, not a baby in sight. I would have just kept my mouth shut had it been me.

Katie being deputized was just silly. Pointless and silly. An entire episode was wasted on Bridget flittering around her point leading Katie and viewers to believe she may have a chance with Nick. Bridget is a doctor but she can’t speak her mind any better than teenager asking a guy out for the first time.

Bridget has had to fight for every man she has ever loved and lost out. You’d think she would be a little more quick tongued and clear about her place in her man’s life. Bridget deserves to have Nick or any man snatched away from her for being so immature.

I’m still hung up on the timeline of Nick and Taylor’s divorce. Not only does B&B have the world’s quickest engagements, but divorces as well. It was just 60 days or less ago that Taylor and Nick were happy and just separating. Suddenly in a matter of weeks Nick and Taylor are free and clear, legally.

Pam slipped in at the pool party staring at Donna over her sunglasses. It was good to see her. Pam is the most interesting character B&B has right now, they need to give us more of her. I can’t believe she didn’t attend Bridget’s wedding, what kind of family is that. Pam attended Donna and Eric’s wedding, and behaved, yet she doesn’t go to Bridget’s?

The wedding was beautifully decorated but pathetic in the guest department. I think I counted a total of 10 people. For such a powerful family they should have been able to pull a few more guests together even in the short time frame of the engagement. And Bridget, she doesn’t have not one friend or colleague she could invite from work?

B&B appears to pride themselves on their wedding productions, but they really fall short as of recent years. I have to attribute these speed weddings that lack true class, elegance, and detail to the fact that the writing staff is headed by men. It’s fine to be professional and experienced in writing, but in the end a wedding ,real or fake, needs what only a woman can give to the affair.