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Home Shows The Bold and the Beautiful Bold & the Beautiful ~ Bold Print Bold & the Beautiful: Bold Print, Week of July 28, 2008

Bold & the Beautiful: Bold Print, Week of July 28, 2008

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Katie is pregnant, guess who the father is? Bridgewt has hopes of getting pregnant.

Heather Tom (Katie Logan, Bold & the BEautiful) 

Katie learned Friday that she is pregnant. Things began to look interesting Friday when Katie learned she was with child, at the same time Bridget was begging Nick to begin trying to get pregnant. Poor Bridget can’t catch a break in the baby department. There is always some other woman out there that is a little more fertile, and happens to land the sperm of the man Bridget is interested in. The sickest thing is every single time this has happened; be it a pregnancy or just a man, the opposition is ALWAYS a close family member. Sister, mother, aunt…. I’m just a little creeped out by that.

I hope this finally brings an end to the hanging question out there all the viewers know has been unanswered up to the current. The real mother of Baby Jack. Or as I like to call him the “community baby” Jack is essentially claimed and cared for by every woman on the show. He is the community baby. Taylor, Brooke, Bridget, and Katie. Will Jack turn out to be Bridget’s? OR Katie’s? I have heard rumor of this fact though I have not heard how the show was going to explain how Katie could be the mother. I have also seen interviews with Ashley Jones where she claims Bridget is going to be the mother. Either way it is going to be way messier than Brooke and Taylor battling it out over Jack.

I’ve been bored, and even annoyed, this week by this show, but Friday I got a twinge of excitement looking forward to Katie having this baby.

Donna took on the role of CEO of Forrester Creations. Ridge was upset, but for the most part things have been uneventful with Donna’s new role in the company. In her personal life Donna feels she is being torn between her son’s wishes and the need for Owens’s unconditional support. Marcus wants Owen gone and finally convinces Donna to fire him by the end of the week.

Owen spends the week blowing smoke up Donna’s butt, turning almost obsessive over her. Owen waivers between professional and personal admiration of her. Owen is gone for now but he will be back, most likely before mid-week next week. I’m not looking forward to this storyline playing out. I hope they rush through it and move on, unless Owen turns wicked. I always love a good bad guy.

What if, and this is just my imagination and desire for some good action and plot twists; Owen is Pam’s son that has come to town to bring Donna down? That would be fun if he was a momma’s boy and just as crazy as Pam. I flip flop when it comes to Pam and how I care for this character but overall I like her but only when she is bad. If not with Owen I wish the show would put her back front and center driving the crazy train whether she is after Donna or someone else.

What I cannot wrap my head around is why B&B cast someone that was going to have such a major role at least for the time being that could not act if their life depended on it. My dog Cooper could act better than Texas Battle (Marcus). Marcus with his “gee-golly Mrs. Cleaver…” routine is pathetic. Marcus reminds me of Tom Hanks playing a young boy in Big. He’s in a man’s body but the behavior and mannerisms are that of an eight year old boy, only he doesn‘t have Tom Hanks acting ability and on screen chemistry. I just want to shake him and scream “You are a grown man! Act like it!” Marcus and Phoebe I can see together they act almost identical, but Steffy seems to have a little bit knocking around in her skull so how she can tolerate Marcus is puzzeling.

Friday Marcus finally called Steffy his girlfriend, that right there shows how immature Marcus is, and they went to the beach for the day. The music and scenes were a bad knock off of the opening scenes of Grease where Sandy and Danny are playing on the beach. Even my daughter an eleven year old girl and huge Grease fan laughed and was disgusted at the poor attempt at trying to be like Grease.

A majority of the beach frolicking was in fast forward like the opening shots that just started a couple weeks ago. I don’t like it for the opening scenes and especially not for what is suppose to be a forming story. Another set/format change is the rooftop. How much more crap and activities can they fit on that tiny roof? And why is the roof so tiny when Forrester Creations is suppose to be a huge business building? I’d rather see love blossom and business deals being made in the steam room like they used to, than that rooftop.

Hopefully the show will eventually put it to good use and let someone take a mysterious tumble over the edge. As a regular viewer that has watched the show since it began, I’m sick of love, medical, and business that has been dominating the storylines lately. I know that is the bulk of what soap operas are all about and that formula works when there is more than two families on the show. Beyond what has already been done by way of sleeping with family members and passing a business back and forth what more can really be done without bringing new characters in. A move B&B is apparently allergic to, because they don’t like to bring in new outside characters or let the character count get over the number of their fingers.

With Donna firing everyone and apparently Jackie’s new design house “M” never getting off the ground business is out of the question as well because everyone is out of work. Nick has barely gotten out of bed in months. He just changes up the women that are next to him under those cream colored satin sheets. Jack Wagner must have some kind of clause in his contract stating he gets a certain amount of hours delivering dialogue in bed.

Bridget has managed to accomplish some medical miracles in recent months, so maybe she can find something to revive B&B. Looking forward from here the only plot or possibility is Katie’s pregnancy and that isn’t an unexpected twist.

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SH2304 said:

I also do not like the character of Marcus. Don't like the whole concept of the long lost black kid that Donna forgot she had.
Why don't they bring back "little Eric" who seemed to disappear - maybe went to rehab with Deacon - now there was a character.
Get rid of Donna - wow can she pull some faces and most of them horrible.
August 18, 2008
Votes: +1

Billieray said:

I do not like the character of Donna. Nor even the look of her- Anorexic to a fault. She literally gives me the creeps. Not that Eric deserves any better. He is the weakest character to ever appear on a soap opera
October 27, 2008
Votes: +0

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