Bold & the Beautiful: Bold Print, Week of July 14, 2008

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Crisis hits the Forresters just hours after there is a hostile takeover of the company!


I was seriously wondering exactly how boring this show could get, then the last seconds Bold & the Beautiful was on the air Friday Eric’s surprise heart attack left me anxiously waiting for Monday’s episode. This has great love, family, and business potential. I see a bitter feud between children and wifey Donna ahead over the unsigned documents relinquishing his leadership of the company. I’m going to go ahead and cast my vote for Donna and whoever teams with her. I’m hoping Brooke chooses Ridge and goes down with him when Donna snatches Ridge’s dream of running Forrester away from him.

Earlier in the week Brooke looked at an old wedding album and it had ALL of her and Ridge’s wedding pictures. At least they consolidated the memories and acknowledged Brooke and Ridge have been married more than once, to say the least.

As for wedding pictures Nick certainly didn’t seem concerned with gussying himself up for his own wedding photos. Nick looked disheveled and dirty for his wedding while all of the guests and bride looked very formal and put together.

I‘m sure the following will upset many but, Ridge and Brooke have run their course. The magic is lost between the characters and portrayers. Ronn Moss and Katherine Kelly Lang no longer gel on screen. The love scene Wednesday looked awkward and didn’t convey what it was meant to convey to the viewer. I have no interest in seeing these two together any longer as a couple or business partners. Had I seen these two on screen together for the first time Wednesday I would have never guessed Ronn and Katherine/Ridge and Brooke have been together for over twenty years.

Ridge and Brooke’s decision to have a public wedding to show the world their commitment made me slap my forehead in frustration and dread wondering why? Why does B&B continually attempt to put on big public weddings that turn out so corny. I just ask the soap Gods to please not make us sit through another thrown together wedding. The idea of Ridge and Brooke showing the world of their commitment to one another in public, again, makes me think of the boy who cried wolf.

Speaking of corny weddings the guests dancing at Nick and Bridget’s reception was beyond goofy. They reminded me of the Peanuts characters. Each dancing their own way to what must have been different music in their heads. It didn’t even look like they were remotely dancing to the same music.

By the close of the week, before Eric had a heart attack as mentioned above, Ridge and Brooke orchestrated a semi-hostile take over of Forrester Creations that they plan to incorporate into their public wedding. I wish Eric would step down just as Ridge is practically demanding, BUT leave the whole kit and caboodle to Thorne. That would serve Ridge. Talk about careful what you wish for.

I have to commend Donna for calling this exactly what it is…. A way for Brooke and Ridge to make this about them.