Soapdom Presents Brad Bell's Bold and the Beautiful's Summer Teasers

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Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke, B&B)Okay, Bold and the Beautiful fans. You are in for a summer of scandal, intrigue, romance, oh and the arrival of new babies. So, without further ado, here's your summer teasers, straight from the keyboard of Bold and the Beautiful's executive producer, Brad Bell! Take it away  Mr.Bell....


Brooke has an extraordinary reaction to Thomas' revelation about what happened on the

island, which could have stunning implications for her complicated relationship with Stephanie.

Katie and Bill struggle to rebuild their fractured relationship, but can he get Steffy Out of his mind? Meantime, Steffy has fallen deeply in love with Bill. How far will she go to get her man?

Taylor's life takes a turn for the better as she discovers an unexpected ally.

Thomas struggles to maintain his composure as he sees lives disentegrating around him, and feels the heavy weight of guilt. Will he hold out?

Marcus is back from Paris, and hopes to resume his relationship with Dayzee, both very aware something is different about Thomas.

Oliver believes the birth of Liam and Amber's baby will finally open the door for him and Hope once again.

Owen and Jackie continue their unique love affair, while along with Nick, they gear up to make Jackie M a major force in fashion once again.

Donna, Justin, and Marcus become closer than ever before, as they bond as a family. Marcus is torn between Eric, who adopted him, and Justin, his biological father.

Hope supports her mother and fights to get at the truth.

Stephanie encourages Nick to reach out to Brooke at this time when she is alone. Nick adores Brooke, but will he tread that path again?

Brooke makes the ultimate self-sacrificing gesture to prove her love for Ridge.