Bold and the Beautiful’s Brandon Beemer in Blood Moon

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Brandon Beemer (Owen, The Bold and the Beautiful) stars in Blood Moon (c)Soapdom/LMSIt's not often that I am invited to a screening that I come away clamoring for more. That's exactly what happened on Thursday, February 9, 2012 when Soapdom was asked to preview Blood Moon, a 20-minute short film starring The Bold and the Beautiful's own Brandon Beemer (Owen).

For many moons, soap fans have watched Owen steal hearts and scenes in the Los Angeles fashion world of The Bold and the Beautiful, but his portrayer is delivering an entirely different dynamic In Blood Moon.

As the short film opens, Beemer is an ordinary man -- albeit drop dead gorgeous, even hiding his piercing baby blues behind black, horn-rimmed specs. We learn that he is a psychiatrist, and his charge is a very dangerous man who is incarcerated in a high security prison.

Gil Darnell stars with Brandon Beemer in Blood Moon (c)Soapdom/LMSThere are only two characters in Blood Moon. Beemer, the shrink, and Gil Darnell, who plays the prisoner. The conversation between the two is quite intense. Think Sir Anthony Hopkins and Jody Foster in Silence of the Lambs as the two men banter back and forth in extreme close up with only the cold steel of prison bars separating the inches between them.

It's clear that Darnell's prisoner has an agenda, and that Beemer's psychiatrist is his victim. Or is he? Could it be that Darnell's character is only trying to warn and help the shrink? Is the psychiatrist more aware of his inner demons than he is letting on? What will become of both characters as the blood moon rises?

Brandon Beemer with Blood Moon director, Farnaz Samiinia (c)Soapdom/LMSDarn, that's the trouble! I need this short made into a feature film so I can find out what happens! I was so engaged by these characters the 20 minutes flew by. The cinematography was exceptional. The music score heart pounding. The performances of Beemer and Darnell are griping. The entire package is top notch thanks to the consummate direction of Farnaz Samiinia.

In the video below, Beemer shares how he got involved in Blood Moon, and tells us a bit about his character.

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Brandon Beemer stars in Blood Moon


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