As The World Turns: What in the World?, Week of June 23, 2008

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Babs and Meg take a stand with Sohpie, Carly and Holden make love.

Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara Ryan, As the World Turns) 

The world seems to be spinning at a much slower rate this week. Major things have happened but it was uneventful for the most part.

A would like to give a special thanks to the show for not making viewers watch Carly and Holden’s love scene. After the terrible kiss the shared earlier in the month I was dreading the day the deed was done. I can’t wait to see summer end so there will be no more of that silly camp. The only thing that could have been worse for this storyline would have been a song and dance between Carly and Holden during the talent show. I’m just not buying the coupling and the fans I’ve spoken with are agreeing there isn’t any chemistry.

Lily is whining when she isn’t whining. Am I the only one who sees this? Dear God, and the brainpower she used to pick out one piece of lingerie. How pathetic was that? For those who didn’t see it Lily went to fashions and selected a garment to wear for Holden to reignite their passion. From the dressing room she calls her best gal pal Carly to drive all the way down to the shop to tell her it looked great on her. Lily needs to return to where ever she goes off to find herself and continue looking. How insecure can you be? I’d understand if Carly happened into the store or was out shopping with Lily but to call her and have Carly drive to the store, that was ridiculously overboard.

My desire for this story would be for Lily, who is unstable to begin with, to commit suicide after being betrayed by her husband and best friend. The after story could be great. Holden consumed with guilt, Carly could maybe drive herself crazy too taking a little visit to the nut house and while there maybe she could run into Julia. Lily would be out of the picture, Carly and Holden would end, Carly could do a little something different for her role, and maybe Holden will finally wake up and come of his self righteous soap box. No matter what has ever happened in Holden’s life he has always made it someone else’s fault, for over 20 years. It is time he is made to pay for his mistakes and shortcomings.

Jack and Janet, what can I really say about this? Simply put this is a bad match-up. I just don’t buy what they are trying to sell. Why would Jack get mixed up in a woman that continuously finds trouble, when he refuses to allow himself to be with his one true love because she stays in trouble? And Brad’s jealousy. What is that all about? Brad worked for a year to convince Katie he loved her and two days after they are married he’s done because a one night stand comes into his life. Silly and a waste of my viewing time. This story would have been better if there was a different juicer back-story or Janet had another story going on now that she is in town.

My question is when is this show going to let Katie be happy? She is so cute and perky, though I liked her when she was a little nuts too. I would love to see Katie get a good solid storyline, maybe some real drama instead of silly love stories that go no where. Were I to write a storyline for Katie I think I would let her have a baby but make it handicapped in some form that could act as a public service announcement while giving Terri Colombino some good dramatic content to work with while finding the only real love she needs, the honest, pure love of a child.

I wanted to stand up and cheer when Meg told Sophie it was good that Gwen has her baby so Haley doesn’t have to deal with a whack-job like her. As if that wasn’t entertaining enough when Barbara shoved Sophie I did exclaim out loud “Yeah!” That was great because it was a real shove, not just a weak acting shove. After Sophie went psycho I liked the character but I love seeing her burned down by the women in Paul’s life, especially Barbara. I hope this is hint of what is to come when Barbara recovers. I look forward to each crazy scene Paul and Sophie share but I guess it is coming to an end because I appear to be the only one in favor of this storyline. As happy as some viewers are that Sophie is going to get whacked in the near future, there is a great deal of dread that this will be a re-run of the Adam murder from last year. What would be an excellent direction for Sophie’s demise is if James Steinbeck was the doer because Sophie is hurting Barbara and Paul. When all is said and done Paul and Barbara would forgive James and become close again as one big evil family.

James’ return would lend a decent storyline for Tom and Margo as well. I don’t quite understand what the show is doing with these two characters. Tom and Margo are core characters which I love to see the vets on screen. The show seems to want to give them a storyline but everything fizzles, leaving them with nothing of substance on screen. Leave Tom and Margo off screen or give them a real story, they are too good of characters to allow such poor storylines for.

Maybe with their children grown and estranged it is time for Tom and Margo to leave town. Possibly somewhere like Springfield. Tom could defend Alan and G, and Margo could be the much needed chief of police. I can see the love interests Tom and Mel, Jeffrey and Margo. A crossover of that magnitude would give a much needed breathe of fresh air to both shows that I feel are struggling with storylines currently.

Check back next week for my take on What in the World is happening in Oakdale.