As The World Turns: What in the World?, Week of June 16, 2008

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Luke makes a stand for himself while his dad is kissing Carly.

Maura West (Carly Snyder, As the World Turns) 

Okay, Oakdale fans I declare now if Jack and Janet hook-up I am changing the channel. I’ve said it before and I say it now, Janet is not a good match for this role. If they wanted a smoking hot chick then they should have cast someone a little younger and certainly better looking. Friday, Jack and Janet danced and drank the night away while Brad looked on jealous. So Brad did all that work, a year or more, to get Katie and now he is feeling nostalgic over Janet. ATWT did a good job with the stalker angle with Sophie maybe that would have been best here too, for Janet.

Jack’s ex is getting close to his cousin and you know Carly will prevail as she always does when it comes to drawing a man into her web, or bed. A few weeks ago I wasn’t against this pairing, but after watching the painfully awkward kiss the writers need to let this relationship go. I don’t think I can take a love scene between the two. On the upside if Holden and Carly were to get together that would be less of Lily we would have to endure in the long run. Unfortunately to get to that part I guess we are going to see a lot of Lily acting more whiny than she already is, after realizing she has lost her husband to her best friend. Oh dear God! The next few months are going to be painful.

What I like for Carly’s future is her new business partner Henry. Well, Carly hasn’t taken Henry up on his offer to co-own Metro, but she will. This could be fun, Henry is such a treat to watch.

Moving on to my favorite storyline at current, Sophie and Paul. Why wasn’t Sophie this evil when Cole was controlling her? No matter where this nerve and vindictiveness came from it’s here now and she is striking back at anyone who hurts her or she perceives to hurt her. It’s funny in all of Paul’s craziness it’s little ole Sophie that may be the one who finally gets the better of him. I did notice Sophie is beginning to wear her hair like Meg’s and try to look like her, psycho. I can’t wait to see what Sophie pulls next, word is there is a pregnancy in her future. Maybe Emily can give Sophie pointers on delivering a baby at the nut-house.

This week Cole came back to town and falls into Sophie’s narcotic schemes. Sophie managed to pull a fast one over on her ex. Sophie takes a payoff from Paul, then lies to Cole saying the plan didn’t work, keeping all the money for herself.

The most normal person in Oakdale is Luke, who should have the most problems. Luke is dumped by Noah; then Noah decides he doesn’t know if he wants to break up with Luke but he does know he doesn’t want to be with him. Are you confused yet? That’s what Luke has had to deal with this week. He does love Noah, but he is sick of always being the one giving all the love to someone. Good for you Luke! I’m glad to see Luke is a strong young man that sticks up for himself and his heart.

Noah gets all insecure and petty when Luke is hit on earlier in the week. Luke stays true to the one he loves, but he does engage in some friendly conversation. After all Luke has stood by Noah through and Noah can’t stop over reacting and feeling sorry for himself to let Luke have a little bit of happiness? Noah needs to take the fast-train out of Oakdale and Luke‘s life.