Wednesday, October 10, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,119----Bob reports to concerned Holden and Lily that Luke came through the surgery well. Though relieved, Holden remains angry with Lily. Margo gives Noah the news that Cheri was his mother, and that Win killed her. Luke wakes to find Colonel Mayer standing over him, armed with a syringe. Win is about to inject him with a syringe when Lily arrives and interrupts. Win is about to inject Lily with the syringe intended for Luke, when Dusty rushes in and attacks Col. Mayer. Win is brought into the station and claims that getting Cheri out of Noah’s life was for the best. Back at the hospital, Lily and Holden try to cover their upset when Luke reveals he can’t feel his legs. Noah arrives and overhears.

After confessing to Katie that he kissed Carly, Jack insists it changes nothing between Katie and him. Jack is apologetic, but asks Katie to bear with him through Carly’s final days. Katie makes no promises about how long she’ll sit on the sidelines. Jack accepts Katie’s decision, but makes it clear he’s not giving up on them. Tearful Katie runs into Henry and tells him she sent Jack away.

Carly receives a call from her neurologist. Dr. Evers arrives to anxious Carly and explains he’s reevaluated her results and has concluded that she’s not dying after all. Dr. Evers explains that she probably has an abscess – which can be treated with antibiotics. Jack arrives and tells her that he thinks his marriage to Katie may not survive this ordeal. Jack gives Carly an opening to tell him about the misdiagnosis, and she lets it pass.

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