Wednesday, June 27, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,046----Craig tells the cop he didn’t kill Paul as Lucinda insists Craig is guilty. To Craig’s relief and Lucinda’s dismay, Meg confirms Craig tried to save Paul. When the coast guard officer tells Meg that they’ll be calling off the search, Craig offers to finance a search of his own. Lucinda wants Meg to sign over the company, and Meg settles things by tearing up the contract to Lucinda’s horror as Craig looks on.

Jade accuses Cleo of planning to get rid of Gwen so she can have Will. Angry Jade abandons her search to stop Will from following through with the police. After Jade’s gone, “vulnerable” Cleo offers to let Will read the diary, but he says he believes her. Cleo leaves to mete out some Cleo justice on Jade. Will’s leaving a message for Gwen when a driver appears and runs Will off the road.

Dusty’s surprised when he finds out Aaron is planning to stick around. Dusty agrees that given what Alison’s been through, she could use a stand-up guy. When Dusty goes off to help Aaron land his job, Alison and Emily arrive at the Lakeview. Later, Alison confronts Dusty, angry that he’s made it easier for Aaron to stay. Aaron sees Alison crying, and suggests they go for a ride together. Dusty’s vocal about how much he enjoys spending time with Emily, then practically recoils when Emily’s hand touches his.

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