Wednesday, June 20, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,041----Craig has brought Meg to their honeymoon suite far from everyone. Meg tries to make a call to Paul, but Craig stops her. Craig terrifies Meg by showing her the steep cliffs that surround their house. Lucinda helps Paul get information on Craig’s location, and find out they were heading for Vancouver. Meg tries to keep Craig from coming to bed with her, but he refuses to leave her alone. Meanwhile, Paul, locket in hand, arranges a plane to fly him to Vancouver.

Carly and Jack bring Parker home. Parker wants to spend the night with Carly to avoid JJ and Jack allows. Parker is resistant to all Carly’s efforts to engage him, but when she puts on music, he’s affected and runs outside to cry. Carly comforts sobbing Parker who apologizes for not giving Carly a chance when she returned. Carly assures he has nothing to be sorry for, and they embrace. Meanwhile, Jack finds Katie who tries to cover her worry over Carly. Jack tells Katie he wants to spend the night with her, but Katie’s going away tomorrow. Jack reassures Katie that he’ll be busy only with the kids while she’s gone and invites her to pick up Parker’s stuff. Jack returns surprised to find Parker sleeping in Carly’s lap and Jack apologizes to Carly. Carly thanks him, but the moment is broken when Katie appears in the doorway. She’d return to the car, but Jack catches her hand and they go together, leaving Carly watching.

When Luke and Noah’s hands touch picking up dropped tapes, Luke gets romantic sparks. Luke confides to Jade that he’s fallen for the wrong guy – again. Elwood shows up and lets it slip about Casey’s whereabouts, and Maddie reveals to Noah that her boyfriend is in prison. Luke gets and idea of how to deal with his feelings productively, and writes a story about his situation.

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