Wednesday, January 10, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #12,929----Jack arrives and breaks up Will and Adam’s fight before asking Gwen to talk to Carly. Iris finds Adam cleaning up after the fight, and says she hopes Will’s temper doesn’t get in the way of Gwen and Adam’s dreams for her career. Adam makes sure Iris knows he won’t let anything get in the way of Gwen’s success.

Paul tries to convince Meg he didn’t poison the well, but she doesn’t believe him. Luke tells Barbara to come to the farm, and she learns what happened. Barbara helps Paul get back to the hospital, and tells Paul she believes the visions are a gift. Paul is crestfallen to learn that Barbara’s real interest in his condition lies in his potential ability to help her to find Johnny.

Simon won’t tell Henry his plan to get Carly out of jail. Henry brings Simon new clothes in return for wanting to know what he’s up to, and Simon promises to divulge once he’s ready to make his move. Jessica explains that Carly won’t get bail unless she turns on Simon. Gwen tries to talk Carly into cooperating with Jack, and Carly breaks down and reveals to Gwen how much Simon means to her. Meanwhile, just when it seems like Simon will fill Henry in on his plan, he knocks him out, cold. Gwen tells Jack she didn’t make headway, but he refuses to give up on her. Later, a cop finds Henry and Henry leads him to believe Simon held him hostage and then took off.

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