Wednesday, December 27, 2006

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{mosimage}Episode #12,921----A sick Paul tries to stop the nurse in his room from giving him what he thinks is the wrong medicine as she tries to give him a sedative. He tries to convince Susan of it as and she begins to believe him when she catches the nurse about to administer the wrong medicine to someone else. Meanwhile, Emily says she needs Meg to help Dusty. Later, Meg asks Craig to meet, as part of Emily’s plan.

Jade tells Adam that there was something she had to get off her chest, and proceeds to tell Adam about her dress. Meanwhile, Will wants to know why Gwen is telling him about kissing Adam now, and Gwen doesn’t know why she waited. Will feels like he’s no longer a part of Gwen’s life, and Gwen knows what she has to do. Gwen tells Adam her marriage is more important than the demo, and as Gwen and Jade clash, Adam confronts Will.

Katie tells Mike that she’s sorry and says she’s giving up trying to get Simon arrested. And just when they’re caught up in nostalgia, Mike tells Katie he wants to start the paperwork for their divorce. Later, Katie sees that Bob has the diamond after he reveals to Kim it was found by a maintenance worker in the hospital.

Carly has Simon on the mind when he comes up behind her and pulls her into the dance studio. They end up kissing passionately, but Carly tells Simon he has to leave town, fearing their arrest. He refuses but she begs him not to make her lose her kids.

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