Wednesday, August 29, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,091----Meg wakes to find a breakfast tray from Craig. She appreciates his care but is still haunted by Paul’s harsh words of the previous night. Craig points out that though Paul doesn’t want Meg, he does. Paul and Rosanna show up with a federal marshal to evict Meg and Craig. Meg fills in Rosanna on her history with Paul, as Paul overhears. Rosanna realizes that Meg and Paul would still be together had he not fallen over the cliff. Craig and Meg leave, with Craig vowing the war is not yet lost. Later, Meg finally makes love to Craig. Rosanna has a flashback to trying to call Bob on the night of the accident.

When their cook quits, Vienna and Henry are overwhelmed. Henry runs into a lawyer who has an unbeatable offer for the diner. Meanwhile, Alison helps Vienna see a way to retain customers on her own terms. Henry returns with the contract for the diner, but Vienna wants to keep the diner and make it a healthier place.

Will returns home and wonders what Alison’s doing there. Alison watches through the window as Gwen breaks the news of her miscarriage to Will. Alison breaks the news to Barbara. Barbara offers condolences to Gwen and Will and is surprised by Gwen’s declaration that they plan to try again ASAP. Later, when Gwen gets a call from Susan telling her it’s likely she can never conceive again, Gwen falls apart in Will’s arms.

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