Wednesday, August 15, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,081----Alison asks if Aaron is serious about that girl he was hugging. Aaron says he and Sofie are just friends, and after a heated exchange, says its none of her business. Ali reaches for her cell phone but it’s missing. Later, Aaron admits to Sofie that he doesn’t think she should stay with a guy who treats her badly. Sofie swears she loves Cole, but Aaron sees it’s forced.

Iris reunites with her son, Cole, who asks his mother for money to start his career in the music business. Iris realizes this is about Gwen and wants Cole to earn his living the hard way. Iris sees Cole bought Gwen’s CD, but he insists his interest is strictly professional.

Gwen thinks Jade brought Iris back to town, but Will dismisses it. Gwen and Will are on their way out when Ali’s cell phone ring. He makes plans for her to pick up her cell at the Lakeview. Will meets Alison, who upset over her run-in with Aaron, rags on Gwen. Will sets her straight and hopes they can be friends. Meanwhile, Cole drops by the hotel looking for Sofie but sees Gwen instead.

Seeing as they’re still married, Craig feels he and Meg should celebrate, but she wants to work. Meg finds important papers about Rosanna, and presses Craig who wants off the subject. Craig’s reaction makes Meg believe that maybe Craig was responsible for the “accident” that put Rosanna in a coma. Craig swears to Meg that he did not run Rosanna off the road. Craig swears his honesty, and wants this to be a new beginning for them.

When the drug doesn’t work right away, the doctors tell Paul they can only assume that the change they observed in Rosanna’s condition was temporary. With hope lost, Paul leaves, and doesn’t see Rosanna reach out to stop him. Before Paul can leave, Rosanna opens her eyes, and calls out to him. Paul embraces a very confused Rosanna, who says she wants Paul to help her get out of there now. Paul is speechless, as Rosanna says she has to tell Jennifer the truth about what Craig did.

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