Wednesday, April 18, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #12,996----Lily tells Lucinda she knows how to get WorldWide back from Craig, but Lucinda doesn’t want to hear it. Lily asks why Lucinda can’t forgive her. After Lucinda tells her off, Lily buys more diet pills. Meanwhile, Holden finds Faith’s stash of laxatives and confronts her. After worrying what to do about Faith, Holden finds Lily’s diet pills.

Maddie waits till Tom leaves and sneaks in to see Casey. Casey tells Maddie he asked Tom to speed up his sentencing and they begin to make love. Maddie sneaks out before Tom and Margo enter, announcing that Casey’s sentencing is tomorrow.

Katie bumps into Jack, but the moment is awkward and Katie leaves to go meet Margo. Margo asks Katie if she wants to take her friendship with Jack to the next level, as Brad asks Jack if he wants to get over Carly and go for it with Katie. Brad encourages Jack to give Katie space, and when Katie goes to see Jack, is hurt to learn that he left town.

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