Tuesday, October 31, 2006

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{mosimage}Episode #12,883----At the party, Dusty realizes the man he’s tackled is a decoy as a stunned Lucy finds Craig at the door. Dusty then shows up and accuses Craig of luring him from the baby and demands his arrest. But Tom reveals to everyone that Craig now has a legal right to be with Johnny, although Dusty will retain full custody. Craig asks to hold Johnny, but Lucy hands the baby to Dusty and a calm Craig reminds them that eventually he will be with his son. A suspicious Paul wonders what happened between Meg and Craig.

Meanwhile, Adam is impressed when he hears Gwen sing, and Will realizes that he wants to put all his efforts in to making Gwen a star. Casey and Maddie find themselves ready to be intimate, but a slasher look-a-like cuts things short. After Jade runs out on the party, Luke finds her crying and convinces her to try and change her ways, just as Adam approaches wanting to know what she did to make everyone so mad.

Across town, Carly is mortified when Jack pulls her and the Prince over and escorts them back to the party. Carly tries desperately to preoccupy the Prince, but when he’s alerted to Vienna’s whereabouts he rushes off. Carly arrives just as the Prince finds a naked Vienna passed out in Simon’s bed, and he tries to cover. The Prince’s handler removes Vienna still wearing the jewels, and Carly blasts Simon for putting her at risk for nothing. But when he produces the authentic jewels, Simon and Carly’s excitement get the best of them and they begin to make passionate love.

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