Tuesday, October 24, 2006

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Martha Byrne (Lily, ATWT)Episode #12,878----Lily tells Jade she’s going to have to shape up if she wants to be a part of the family and that means no hanging out with Will. Later, when she sneaks out to see Will, Lily is worried.

Meanwhile, Adam arrives in Oakdale, heartbroken over the news of his father. Margo comforts him and he decides to stay in Oakdale for a while. Later, Casey tells Adam about Gwen and her music.

Elsewhere, Simon finds Carly with Jack at the police station. When Jack leaves, Simon makes his presence known and asks Carly to go to Australia with him, fearing their safety. But, Carly says she won’t go and just when Simon feels all is hopeless, something in the paper gives Simon hope.

At the same time, Craig is talking business with a mourning Emily when Dusty enters, wanting to enlist Emily’s help in keeping tabs on Craig. Emily promises to help him. Later, Craig goes to see Margo and Tom and stuns them both with a job offer for Tom.

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