Tuesday, October 10, 2006

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{mosimage}Episode #12,868----Lily comes home from the hospital and questions Holden and Lucinda about finding Rose’s daughter Theresa. They learn it will take six months to get a court order to find her and Lily is upset. When Rose comes to Lily again in a vision, urging her to find Theresa, Holden leaves on a mission.

While Paul tells Will that Craig Montgomery is back in town, Gwen comes face-to-face with Craig and slaps him. Paul opens up to Will about his grief over losing the baby and urges Will not to give up on Gwen. Later, after slipping out to her doctor’s appointment, Jade shows Will a sonogram of their baby but Will questions why the sonogram was taken at Memorial if Jade is a patient at the free clinic.

Across town, Carly makes Simon squirm when she praises his professionalism and apologizes that she had him pegged all wrong. Carly asks for her paycheck and Simon empties his pockets. Later, Simon gets money from a loan shark but panics when Carly arrives and spots them together.

In the meantime, Emily meets with Craig to discuss The Intruder. Emily expresses her sole desire to reestablish herself as a professional and is stunned when Craig offers to make her a partner at the newspaper. Emily tells Craig she’ll think about his offer.

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