Tuesday, July 3, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,050----Craig gets Meg to come back to the house, and is surprised to find Barbara waiting for her. Barbara blames Meg for what happened to Paul. Barbara prays for Paul to come back and Meg throws her locket into the water.

Emily asks why Dusty kissed her, and he tells her he kissed her because he wanted her to know how he feels about her. Dusty thinks Emily doesn’t feel she deserves love, and says he doesn’t want them thinking about the past.

Aaron brings Alison flowers. When Aaron goes to wash his hands, Elwood persists in talking about Alison’s videos. After Aaron presses, Alison says she will tell him about her past. After telling Aaron about the porn and the drugs, Allison asks what that means for the two of them, and thinks Aaron has rejected her.

Carly tells Brad she knows he has a thing for Katie, and Jack admits to Katie he was bothered by Brad and Carly showing up at the party together. Jack says he won’t let Carly or Brad ruin what he and Katie have together. Carly tells Brad they can use each other to get what they want. Katie tells Jack that Carly is plotting to get him back.

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