Tuesday, January 2, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #12,923----When Maddie finds the receipt for Adam’s gambling debt she questions Casey. He lies and tells her that Adam bailed Elwood out, but Maddie sees through it and realizes Casey is the one with the problem. Casey tries to explain, but she doesn’t want to hear it and leaves.

Meg pulls out of her kiss with Craig, saying she doesn’t want things to move too quickly. Meanwhile, Emily, in an attempt to get Dusty out of jail and Craig arrested, Emily goes to Tom to tell him is was Craig who the put the real bullets in the gun in order to entrap Dusty into an attempted murder charge. Meg gets Craig out of Fairwinds when Emily warns her that the police are coming to search for proof. Craig learns Emily is with Tom at the police station and asks Meg what she’s up to, when Tom and two cops show up and arrest Craig.

Holden wants to dance with Faith, but she refuses. Parker and Faith talk about their parents, and later Faith tells Holden she won’t ride again. Lily is concerned they have a real problem on their hands.

Katie urges Jack to arrest Simon, as Simon and Carly bask in the afterglow of making love. Simon is confident Jack has nothing to link him or Carly to the jewel heist, and realizes she only wants to be with Simon. Later, Jack calls Carly to warn her he’s issued an arrest warrant for Simon. Carly warns Simon, and when Jack bursts in to arrest him he finds Carly’s earring, but no Simon. Later, Jack tells Carly that Simon was tipped off and catches her in her lie when he shows her the earring he found.

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