Tuesday, December 5, 2006

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{mosimage}Episode #12,906----Carly learns that Vienna knows about the jewel heist. Simon begs Carly to keep quiet about the jewel heist to Jessica and Jack, seeing as he has a plan. Simon and Carly meet with the jeweler to have her make a replica of the infamous necklace. But when the jeweler can’t help them, Carly and Simon decide to throw the diamond off the cliff into the water.

Adam asks Casey’s help in getting Gwen back on board with their CD demo. A student appears at the door, looking for money Casey owes. Adam questions if there’s a problem. Meanwhile, Will learns that Gwen saw Jade and Adam making love at the studio. Will asks Gwen why she didn’t tell him, as Jade claims she’s moved on to Luke, but he questions Jade if she really is over Will.

Barbara gives Meg the necklace Jennifer wore on her wedding day and welcomes Meg to the family. Meg asks Lily to be her maid of honor. Emily tells Paul she knows he’s marrying Meg and warns him it’s a mistake. Paul tells Emily too much has happened between them and that no matter how much they share they’ll never be good for each other. Holden tells them they’re ready to start the wedding, and Meg waits to walk down the aisle. Emily appears and tells Meg about Paul’s part in Craig’s accident. As the music plays, everyone wonders where Meg is, and finally she appears.

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