Tuesday, December 19, 2006

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{mosimage}Episode #12,916----Before Gwen is scheduled to perform, Iris shows up backstage drunk, and Gwen tells her to go. Iris says she can’t get rid of her that easily, calls Gwen trash, and Gwen slaps her. Upset Gwen is in no shape to perform, but Adam convinces her to go on stage. Gwen’s performance is a hit and Adam spontaneously kisses her.

Maddie sees the gambling website on Casey’s computer, but Casey covers and says it’s Elwood who has the problem. Maddie gives Elwood a support group number. Later, Casey tries to keep Maddie from the truth, while the owners of the gambling website confront Elwood.

Craig agrees to drop the charges against Dusty if Meg does something for him, but she storms out when faced with the ultimatum. She goes to see Emily to ask her for help. Emily scoffs but Meg insists she just wants to bring Johnny back to the only father he’s ever known. Emily agrees, but warns it will involve amending the truth.

Paul manages to pull himself back up from the balcony and realizes Craig is responsible. Paul confronts Craig and accuses him of loosening the balcony railing. Craig fakes a call from Meg for an eavesdropping Paul to hear. Craig says he’ll meet Meg at the farm, and Paul rushes over there only to find a rifle pointed at him.

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