Tuesday, August 21, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,085----Carly and wounded Jack return home with JJ to the relief of Sage and Parker. Katie arrives to Jack’s relief, but the two are continually interrupted, and Katie leaves feeling out of place. Jack finds her and she asks to put the wedding on hold, but Jack doesn’t want to. Katie finally convinces Jack that they can continue with wedding plans once she returns from her business trip. Brad offers to keep an eye on the Jack and Carly situation while Katie’s gone. Later, the kids clamor for Jack to stay with them, Jack agrees to stay and sleep on the couch.

When a customer refuses to stop ogling the Alison/Dusty video on his laptop, Aaron throws the laptop across the room. Aaron’s boss sends him home for the night, and Sofie finds out what Aaron’s so upset about and advises accordingly.

Gwen and Will are shocked when they realize that it’s Dusty and Alison on the video and Alison’s thrown when Will tells her the link was emailed from Dusty’s account. Alison discovers that the video has a ton of hits, and is devastated. Gwen understands Will’s need to help his friend, but insists they can’t take on Alison’s problems when they’re about to have a baby.

Cheri’s about to reveal what she’s done to Dusty, when a frantic Alison informs oblivious Dusty that the world is watching them. Once Dusty sees the video, Alison laments at the futility of fighting to stay sober when life is so out of control. As she runs out, Cheri reappears to gloat to Dusty.

Luke wants to tell Maddie about his kiss with Noah but hesitates when he spots Col. Mayer listening. Col. Mayer pushes for information, but Luke refuses to answer his questions. Noah arrives and Col. Mayer presses his son to tell him and Maddie what Luke was about to reveal. Luke reluctantly covers for Noah. Then, alone with Maddie, he questions if she’s really considering moving in with Noah.

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