Thursday, September 7, 2006

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{mosimage}Episode #12,846----Katie tells Simon she and Mike are starting a family. Simon asks if this isn’t about her jealousy re: him and Carly. Katie denies, but Mike isn’t happy to hear she’s been blabbing. Meanwhile, Carly learns that Eve was the serial killer. She finds Jack in a bar and urges him not to blame himself. Jack is grateful for her kindness, but shuts down when Simon arrives. Jack tells Carly their divorce papers should be arriving soon, and leaves. He gets them in the mail later that night. Simon offers to fly Carly to Santo Domingo so she can get the whole divorce business done once and for all. Carly agrees.

Over at the Lakeview, Paul sees Meg, Emma and Holden and asks why they’re there. Meg says they’re there to celebrate Meg and Paul’s engagement. Paul makes sure Emily doesn’t hear and covers Meg’s ring with his hand. After Emily leaves, Meg wonders why. Paul says it’s just so that Emily doesn’t get upset and cause harm to the baby. Meg takes off her engagement ring. Paul is scared, until she tells him they can keep it a secret – for now. Meanwhile, Emily muses to the baby how she and Paul are going to be working VERY closely now….

In other parts of Oakdale, Barbara demands to know why Gwen isn’t going back to Will, now that her son has saved his wife’s life twice! Bob urges Barbara not to pressure Gwen. Will suggests to Gwen a memorial service for all the murdered kids. So that the community – and Mr. And Mrs. Munson – can heal.

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