Thursday, September 20, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,105----Carly explains that multiple doctors agree she’s terminal, but Brad’s unwilling to accept that. Brad wants to get help for her illness but Carly refuses to tell anybody – especially Jack. Sage innocently mentions to Jack that Carly went back to the doctor today. Jack accuses Carly of giving Sage misinformation about her health in order to put a pall on the wedding.

Katie no longer fears a honeymoon island hex, but is still concerned about a Carly crisis creeping up. Katie and Jack run into Brad, who can’t cover his upset. Jack guesses Brad is upset about a woman, and Brad claims that the woman he’s upset about is Katie – and how Jack stole her from him.

Lily tells Luke about her ineffective chats with Colonel Mayer and Noah, respectively. Luke appreciates Lily’s concern, but thinks it’s best if she stays out of it. Holden questions why Lily didn’t volunteer for Natalie’s trip and quickly guesses she wants to stick around to help Dusty.

Dusty surprises Col. Mayer by leaping up and grabbing him. When Dusty manages to overtake Col. Mayer, he pulls a gun and shoots. Having shot Dusty, Col. Mayer plants evidence against Dusty, and finds the picture of Cheri with Noah. Lily lets herself into Dusty’s room, unaware that Mayer is in there. Dusty starts to come to, as Lily leaves him another message. Later, Dusty fights to get out of the car.

Noah wants things to go back to the way they were, but Maddie doesn’t see how that’s possible since Noah’s gay. Noah’s surprised when Maddie tells him that Luke’s the one who helped her understand Noah’s dilemma. Later, Noah tells Luke that Maddie wouldn’t take him back, and thanks Luke for helping Maddie understand. As Noah prepares to tell his dad, Luke assures Noah he isn’t alone.

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