Thursday, October 4, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,115----Parker’s in denial about Carly’s condition. Parker asks if Jack can adopt him now and Carly expresses her happiness then collapses in Jack’s arms. Carly admits the end is near and says she’s not ready.

Craig wants to make love again in his quest to impregnate Meg. Barbara wonders how Paul can forgive Rosanna for her betrayal on the stand when he couldn’t forgive Meg. Paul admits maybe he is doing this to rid himself of his feelings for Meg once and for all.

Shortly thereafter, Paul’s set the wedding date: Halloween. Rosanna wonders how Paul could consider Halloween if he really loved her. Paul says he chose the date for her – so Carly could be at her wedding. Meg is rocked that Paul told Rosanna about their intense confrontation then proposed. Rosanna tells Meg to stay away from Paul. At the cabin, an unknown man conks Meg on the head.

Alison tells Gwen about Sofie moving to farm with Aaron. Barbara makes trouble insisting Alison has too much baggage to be a good donor for them. Iris arrives and Barbara spills Sofie’s whereabouts. Barbara warns Ali not to blow things, or she’ll answer to her.

Aaron begs Sofie to stay at least until she gets a job. Gwen promises to help Sofie however she can to clear the way for Alison and Aaron. Iris accuses Sofie of trying to extort money from her for the baby. Gwen warns Sofie to stay away from Iris.

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