Thursday, October 11, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,120----Barbara tells Will not to use Ali as a donor, as Ali tells Gwen her eggs are mature. Sofie tells Gwen they should steer clear of each other. Barbara and Will argue about Alison’s suitability as a donor. Aaron tells Sofie that he and Alison are over, as Alison tells Gwen she thinks Aaron would be happier with Sofie. In front of Barbara, Gwen says Alison’s eggs are ready.

Noah wants to talk to Dusty about his mother. Noah is angry his mother abandoned him. Maddie tells Noah he’s hurting Luke by staying away from him. Maddie is upset to see that Noah is drinking, and he kisses her.

Bob tells Lily and Holden there’s a chance Luke will never walk again. Luke falls out of bed, and Holden tells him what Bob said. Luke says he wants to be alone, but asks about Noah. After talking to the nurse about Luke’s physical therapy, Holden turns to find Dusty there. Holden confronts Dusty and decks him just as Lily enters.

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