Thursday, November 3, 2005

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Lily makes an appeal on WOAK for a kidney donor for Luke. People respond, but still there is no match. The doctors tell Lily and Holden that nothing can save him now except a new kidney and if they don’t get one soon, he is lost. While Holden goes in to be with his son, Lily says she needs to get some air and sneaks out to meet up with Keith.

Upset Will confronts Gwen about taking money from Paul and not telling him. Gwen tries to explain how desperate she was, but when Will hears that Paul wanted her to leave town, he feels even worse and leaves. A pleased Iris sees the fight and tries to make Gwen see that she is the only one who can help her, but Gwen rejects her. Meanwhile, Paul takes Jennifer to BRO to pick up some stuff so she can begin work on their new company. But, while Paul has gone to the basement, Dusty appears. At first, Dusty assumes she’s come back to work with him, but Jennifer makes it clear she’s leaving Street Jeans for good. Dusty makes an appeal to get her to stay until Paul returns and the two men have it out. Meanwhile, after having it out with Gwen, Will arrives to question why Paul was so anxious to get Gwen out of town. Paul tries to get Will to shut up in front of Dusty, but Will says his piece and storms out. Dusty pretends to be too busy working to be paying attention, but is tweaked. Paul leaves with a final warning to Dusty to stay away from Jennifer but the minute he’s gone, Dusty calls Jennifer and says he needs to speak to her about her brother.