Thursday, November 2, 2006

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{mosimage}Episode #12,885----Casey and Gwen’s excitement is cut short when Adam agrees to produce her CD under one condition, that they get used to Jade. But Gwen refuses to work with someone who trusts Jade, and Will assures her they’ll find her a producer with no strings.

Speaking of Jade, when Lily finds out that her niece snuck out of the house, she accuses her of going to the party with Adam to get close to Will. Jade apologizes for lying and assures her it had nothing to do with either guy, just as Adam appears at her door.

Meanwhile, Vienna runs into Katie and laments that they’ve both lost Simon to Carly. When Katie tries to brush it off, Vienna confirms that Simon and Carly made love. Hearing this, Katie tells Mike she wants him to stay with her so they can make a baby, but Katie may already be pregnant and takes an EPT test.

In the meantime, Jack apologizes to Carly for insulting her with the prince. He tells her she can always turn to him if she’s in trouble, and Carly asks if there’s hope for them if Simon is out of the picture.

After collaborating with Craig, Emily warns Dusty to get out of town, and he prepares to leave with Lucy and Johnny. When Tom breaks the news that Craig has been granted temporary custody rights, Dusty refuses to hand the baby over to Craig. A marshal intervenes and an emotional Dusty has no choice. Dusty then tells Lucy she’s their only hope in denying Craig access to Johnny.

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