Thursday, May 31, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,027----Shaken Paul decides to test the wedding rings again – and this time sees Meg as the bride. A distraught Paul runs into Barbara in the corridor and tells her Meg’s about to be hurt and it’s his fault. Having heard about the vision, Barbara insists the rings are to blame – get rid of the rings and he solves his problem. Paul has bought two new rings and he tests them. When no visions ensue, he’s immensely relieved.

Lucinda insists that Meg only needs to stay married to Craig long enough for her to assume control of WorldWide – then she can divorce him. Lucinda insists that if they don’t bring Craig down, he’ll use his power to destroy Meg when she goes back to Paul. Meg still believes there’s good in Craig, but Lucinda says Craig is evil and must be brought down.

Tom is annoyed to discover that he’s been summoned to tend to Craig. Craig persuades Tom to look at a document Craig’s drawn up. Tom is surprised by the contents, and questions Craig. Craig calls for Meg, and gives her the doc he asked Tom to vet. Craig is giving WorldWide to her, and wants Meg’s answer at dinner tonight. Meg arrives to talk to Paul and finds Babs who’s inquisitive.

Jack is annoyed to discover that Carly has interrupted Katie and him to make a visitation schedule but she persuades him to stop by Milltown. Jack assures Katie that nothing’s changed – he’ll meet her at JJ’s softball game. When the game is canceled, Carly asks Jack to let her have the kids at Milltown tonight. Katie is crushed when she hears Jack say that Carly can spend the night at the farm, but Jack sets Carly straight – she’ll be at the farm with the kids, he’ll be with Katie.

When Katie finds out it was Brad who tipped Carly off, she’s furious and tells Brad to stay out of her business. A disgruntled Brad tries to enlist Kim to put the kibosh on Katie’s relationship with Jack. Kim is onto Brad and tells him to leave Katie alone.

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