Thursday, March 22, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #12,978----Casey tells surprised Henry that Maddie’s left town to visit Eve. Casey reveals that Maddie dumped him but Henry’s still troubled by the fact that Maddie left town without telling him. Casey breaks into the cottage and searches Will’s computer, discovering a map to a remote island in Lake Superior. Concerned about Maddie, he decides to jump bail and go to the rescue.

Shook Emily recognizing her sister Alison in the porn DVD, asks the client if she can keep the DVD. Later, Emily asks if Susan heard from Alison recently? Susan reveals that Alison has broken up with Aaron and moved to L.A. Emily tries to reach Alison and discovers her phone’s been disconnected. She studies the DVD for clues.

Meg and Paul draw closer over the news that Ethan’s better. Paul brings Meg to his cabin, and assures her there’s no pressure. They make love, but Meg feels guilty after, and wants to leave. Paul asks her to stay.

Craig calms a panicking Lily who feels responsible for the e-coli poisonings. Craig persuades Lily to delay calling Lucinda and sends her back to the hospital with a promise that he’ll handle everything. She gives him access codes and passwords. He calls his banker – and gets access to the money. Craig calls Lily telling her he’s handled the lawsuit crisis by finding money to make a settlement, and a grateful Lily accepts his help. We see that Craig has a secret agenda as he settles into the boardroom, savoring his newfound power.

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