Thursday, March 1, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #12,965----Craig wonders if Meg is willing to accept his help yet. Meg is surprised to find that everyone except Craig has left the diner and he admits he bought it out for the two of them. Meg is annoyed that Craig manipulated the moment, but agrees to dance with him. She tells him if and when she sleeps with Craig again, she wants her life to be in a better place.

Dusty recalls seeing Emily with Eliot, than calls Lucinda about him. Lucinda tells Dusty, she wouldn’t want to be left alone in a room with Eliot. Meanwhile, Eliot questions Emily about her relationships with Dusty. Eliot throws Emily down on the bed and rips her blouse when she tries to pull away. He smacks her, and Eliot demands Emily leave. A dazed Emily comes home. Susan walks in on her and suspects she’s been raped. Emily denies, but admits that was with a man.

Susan calls Dusty and tells him someone beat Emily up. Emily takes a shower and sees the bruises on her body. When she comes out Dusty’s waiting for her, and Emily admits that Eliot roughed her up. Emily breaks down and Dusty sits with her as she cries. Dusty wants Emily to press charges against Eliot, and she agrees to tell Dusty what happened.

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