Thursday, June 28, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,047----Meg refuses Craig’s ministrations – she only wants Paul. Holden accuses Craig of murdering Paul and funding the search so he has proof he’s dead. Meg believes she’s responsible for Paul going over the cliff, not Craig. Holden urges her to leave with him, but Meg asks Holden to leave. Craig promises Meg they’ll stay until Paul is found.

In his crashed car, unconscious Will is approached by a mysterious woman who touches his face. Will’s cell rings, waking him and alerting the mysterious woman, who he glimpses as she leaves. Dusty finds Will, calls 911 and Gwen, and the EMT’s take Will to hospital.

Brad hurts his finger and Katie nurses him as Jack looks on. Brad warns Katie that having Jack at a work function could backfire, but Jack steps in to say they’re going together whether Brad likes it or not. Katie worries how publicly being together might affect the kids, but Jack thinks it’s time they go public.

Carly meets with a new client and pitches her design plan. Sal springs his knowledge of Carly’s past on her, thinking working with her may be more trouble than it’s worth. Later, Brad invites Carly to the party, but she rejects – until she learns Katie and Jack will be there.

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