Thursday, June 14, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,037----Craig tells Margo that Meg is fine with moving up the wedding date. He also explains that he was able to get their wedding rings because someone else had returned them. Meg arrives and per Paul’s instruction asks when they’re going to sign the contract turning over WorldWide – dampening the mood for Craig. Margo gives happy Craig the hard news that she thinks Meg sees this marriage as nothing more than a business venture.

Meanwhile, Paul is trying to find loopholes in Craig’s contract when he overhears a florist who is delivering flowers to the Montgomery wedding. Paul outlines his plans to whisk nervous Meg off post-wedding and is happy that he returned the rings from his vision. When Paul sees that Meg’s a little unnerved by the upcoming wedding, he suggests forgetting the whole thing and just leaving town. Meg gives Paul a locket to pledge that they’ll be together despite this wedding.

Gwen is thrown when Cleo has her favorite earrings. Cleo convinces Gwen that it is not as it appears. Later, Cleo wonders who would have set her up. She confronts Jade and tells her she doesn’t want Jade messing up things for Gwen and Will. Jade tells Cleo that it’s fine for Gwen and Will to believe Cleo’s a simpleton – but Jade knows better.

Alison, still upset about being forced to attack Lance, is panicked when the police arrive at the door. Dusty finally convinces Alison to let him make the call to reassure Emily. Later, Dusty comforts Alison who is convinced she’s still covered with Lance’s blood. They begin to make love.

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