Thursday, July 6, 2006

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Episode #12,802----Jennifer gets Dusty to finally see the reality of her impending death, and he calls her family back in to say goodbye. Emily tells Meg she hopes Paul and she will remember what Jen wants for Emily and her child. Gwen comforts Will. Paul knows he is forgiven and seems to take his sisters words to heart. Later, Jen asks Dusty to get rid of the monitoring equipment and hold her.

Meanwhile, Maddie’s efforts to leave town become more desperate as Casey confronts Dallas and Margo learns about his connection to her son’s girlfriend. Henry fails to help Maddie and when she sees something in the paper, she leaves. Later, Maddie shows up at the police station looking for Dallas and is uncomfortable when she runs into Margo.

Across town, Carly learns about Jen from Jack and forces herself to keep a distance on several levels, explaining with two meanings to Parker about how sometimes you have to say goodbye.