Thursday, July 12, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,057----Emma comforts a guilty Meg, but she can’t take it and leaves. Holden and Lily show up and convince her to come to their house, but Meg ditches them. Holden and Lily must break the bad news about Paul to Faith. Craig confides in Margo about Meg, and later promises Meg she can find peace with him at Fairwinds.

Jack drops off Sage at Carly’s who is extremely generous about his date with Katie. Carly admits to Lily she’s changed tactics and is working with Brad another way. Sage nails Carly about wanting to checkup on Jack and Katie, and wants to help.

Anxious Katie is ready to be proposed to, but Jack has no intention to. Sage calls Jack to come help her, and Katie goes to work and laments to Brad. Brad takes the opportunity to plant more doubts. Brad calls Carly to say mission accomplished, as Jack is there with her and Sage.

At the Old Town fair Parker, JJ and Faith run into each other. With Faith not speaking to Parker, Morgan wonders why. He lies that he doesn’t know and doesn’t care. Parker works at getting silent Faith to open up, and she almost does until Morgan shows up when she shuts down again.

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