Thursday, February 22, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #12,960----Will’s bought Gwen a new ring to replace her lost wedding ring. Margo asks Gwen about Adam, and reveals she knows how Adam felt about Gwen. Gwen assures her it wasn’t reciprocated and she has no idea where he is. Iris finds Will with the ring box, and Iris tells him Gwen’s lying. Later, Gwen admits to lying to Iris about the ring and confirms she lost it before she helped Maddie pot plants. Maddie almost reveals their secret when Will intercepts a call but Gwen covers.

Maddie overhears Tom tell Casey that Margo won’t rest until she finds Adam. Maddie types out what seems to be a confession, but then signs it with Adam’s name. Maddie won’t let Casey see what she wrote and covers that it’s a personal narrative. He leaves, and she sends the e-mail. Margo breaks down over the collapse of their family.

Emily is briefed for her first night working for Cherie, but Dusty calls about newspaper business. Emily gets ready for her first night on the “job.” Eliot is little rougher than Emily would like, but she gathers her courage and sets some ground rules. After they have sex, Emily emerges from the shower to her client talking about various scandals. Emily tells Dusty she has a lead on a sensational story for the paper.

Meg refuses to let an injured Paul into her motel room. He swears he is a changed man, and says he loves her and wants her back. She rebuffs him, but he falls into the room, bleeding and wounded, only to see Craig there pulling some clothes on. Paul asks if she is in love with Craig, but Meg refuses to answer. Paul vows not to give up on their love, as Craig comforts Meg in his arms.

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